U.S. FMLA/CFRA Leave Lags Far Behind Rest of World

I just saw Michael Moore’s movie “Sicko“. I’m aware of all the criticisms that have been leveled at Moore. I will admit some of Moore’s heavy-handed methods in Sicko did irk me. But putting that aside, Sicko still makes a valid and important point. The American Dream has gone off its rails and the broken…

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US Workers: Overworked, Underpaid & Left Behind

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. An article on CNN’s website notes Americans work harder than almost all workers in the rest of the world. Boston College economist Juliet Schor, author of “The Overworked American“, has called the U.S. “the world’s standout workaholic nation.” According to Schor, average working…

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