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California Supremes Limit Arbitration Waivers

The key excerpt from this latest ruling from the California Supreme Court, McGill v Citybank, says it all: In previous decisions, this court has said that the statutory remedies available for a violation of the Consumers Legal Remedies Act (CLRA; Civ. Code, § 1750 et seq.), the unfair competition law (UCL; Bus. & Prof. Code, § 17200…

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What Really Goes On in Jury Rooms?

Much of the Western world depends on a system of a jury of peers to decide the fate of litigants. Given this key role which juries play in dispensing justice, it’s amazing how little most people, and even trial lawyers, know about what really goes on in jury rooms. The jury is for all intents…

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Video: Police Strip Search of Ohio Woman Called Outrageous

As you may know, employment law is just a subset of civil rights in general. I don’t normally cover non-workplace civil rights issues, but a news story I’ve come across seems just too egregious to let pass. In Stark County, Ohio, 41-year old Hope Steffey was the victim of assault by a relative. Steffey’s cousin…

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Minimum Wages around the World

Without further ado, I present minimum wages from around the world. I obviously didn’t include every country in the world. However, I did manage to get at least a few countries from each of the main continents. I also included California which is not technically a country, but does have the eighth largest economy in…

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