What Does Your Employer Know About You?

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Just found this interesting post on the Consumerist. If you’re interested in knowing what employers know about you when you apply for a job, you should take a look at the following links: EMPLOYMENT HISTORY ChoicePoint (866) 312-8075 CHECK WRITING HISTORY ChexSystems (800) 428-9623 Shared Check Authorization Network (800) 262-7771 Fax: (800) 358-4506 TeleCheck (800)…

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3 – 2 – 1 Liftoff!

By Eugene Lee | 3 Comments

Welcome to CaLaborLaw.com, a website that discusses the latest legal news and tips for employees in the fast-changing area of California labor and employment law. Recent court decisions show that employee rights in California are under assault. Yet the public hardly knows or cares. CaLaborLaw.com seeks to change this and make a difference. If you’re…

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