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5on Avvo,Oct 12, 2018


Eugene was a very kind , compassions and carried g person he stood up for me when I felt no one else would . Thank you Sir for doing all you could to resolve my issue

5on Google,Oct 11, 2018


I had a great experience, using the Law Office of Eugene Lee. I called initially just to ask questions about the labor laws. His Office said I had a case, after hearing my statements. And when Eugene, came in, He made my process easy to understand and streamlined the process. To help me get what I was owed. Im really greatful for his help. I highly recommend Him, to anyone, who has been taken advantage of by an employer.

5on Google,Oct 09, 2018


Eugene Lee was exactly what I needed in a attorney. All I did was make a call, sent the necessary information and be took care of the rest. Other attorneys wouldn't touch my case but Mr Lee did and won! I can't thank him enough.

5on Google,Sep 28, 2018


Very professional, the process was explained to me in a manner that was clear and easy to understand. I was lucky enough to work with Eugene directly and am very satisfied with the way my car was resolved.

5on Google,Sep 17, 2018


Mr. Lee is amazing he came in making me feel comfortable and confident in winning my case. We spoke and he reassured me that my case was a good case. I would defiantly recommend the service he provides. Fast efficient & good knowledge on my case thank you Mr. Lee for all of your help.

5on Google,Sep 17, 2018


They helped me so much. I highly recommend this firm. Mr. Lee was professional and expedient in handling my case .I never would've gotten the results I did without them

4on Facebook,Dec 15, 2017


So I'm a truck driver, I was told today, that I don't clock in and start getting paid until I get to my truck. I go to office and wait in office for 30 mins to get keys I don't get paid for it? That can't be legal right??

5on Google,Sep 24, 2017


Mr. Lee is a great lawyer. I highly recommend :)

5on Avvo,May 21, 2016


I want to thank Eugene and his team. They were prepared, knowledgable and got me a great result at trial. If you want excellent legal advice, Eugene is the lawyer to go to.

5on,Apr 27, 2016


Eugene won both my cases against former employers. He's very professional and knowledgeable. He was very punctual. He was more prepared than opposing counsel. He excelled in litigation and is very educated.

5on Avvo,Mar 31, 2016


Eugene Lee won both my cases against former employers. He's very professional and knowledgeable. He was very punctual. He was more prepared than opposing counsel. He excelled in litigation. He's very educated. Eugene is an attorney extraordinaire.

5on Google,Sep 25, 2015


Going through a terrible situation with an employer can leave you stranded with depression and stress. Most people would just brush it off and move on and let them get away with it. I felt take advantage of but I was at a point of justifying for why i was treated so poorly. Load and behold my savior Eugene Lee, he was my last call of hope and he was so generous with his time to help rectify such a horrific situation i had gone through. I am forever grateful for his help because not only was he able to fix the situation but he also taught that company to eat their own words and not to take advantage of others.

5on Avvo,Jun 12, 2015


I filed a complaint against Del Taco for labor violations. They lied at the conference and offered me $0 settlement. Then I found Eugene. He took my case when no other lawyer would just a month before trial. He won it for me and got me 100% of what was owed to me plus a lot more in penalties. I feel like he really fought hard for me. I have recommended him to my co-workers.

5on Google,Sep 25, 2014


Mr. Eugene Lee quickly and successfully worked with me to obtain the overtime wages that I was due from a previous employer. He and his office come with my highest recommendation!