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5on Google,May 30, 2019

Sarah cat

Very professional and knowledgeable, would highly recommend to anyone who needed a labor lawyer!

5on Google,May 13, 2019


I would highly recommend law offices of Eugene Lee with California labor and employment law. Eugene kept in contact with me the whole time letting me know what to expect. And when he knew that wasn't much going to come of this case . He was honest with me and let me know what I should do. Which ended up being the best outcome of the situation. He was very honest and upfront with me at all times. Once again I would highly recommend California labor and employment law. The law offices of Eugene Lee .

5on Google,May 02, 2019


Eugene is such a caring and funny soul. He helped make this process as easy as possible. He always answers my email or text promptly. I hope I never need a lawyer again but if I do I will absolutely be calling Eugene again.

5on Google,Apr 16, 2019


My experiance with Mr. Eugene Lee was nothing short of amazing. He is an awesome attorney and makes the best interest of his clients a priority. What he did that I will always remember is Mr. Lee stood in for me on a very important day that my presence was vital and was able to move forward and represent me in my absence when my son was hospitalized. On that day I was willing to risk my whole case because my son needed me but Eugene being the heartfelt professional that he is, was able to provide a rationale justifying my absence and my case settlement offer was made. Eugene has kept me informed every step of the way and is very thorough. He explains every thing he does and allows you make a decision that he will support you in. I recommend Eugene for you legal needs. He has been a blessing to me and my family.

5on Google,Apr 15, 2019


I highly recommend Mr.Lee! He is very professional, he really knows his business, kind, very easy to talk to, Always answers calls,questions, and concerns.

5on Google,Mar 25, 2019


Very good representation of somebody has a issues wit the employer must hire Eugene lee Labor law attorney

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Mr. Eugene Lee is one of the most professional persons I've ever seen. And he always went the extra mile, replying to my questions even during late hours. The best part of all, he was able to get me a good settlement amount that was way, way above what I had in mind, and pointed out to the parts I had missed. The opposite party lawyers were not match to him and the settlement process was smooth and easy. I definitely recommend him.

5on Google,Feb 21, 2019


Proffesional,and knowledgeable thanks for everything :)

5on Google,Feb 13, 2019


What a honor and pleasure it wad to be represented by a professional Harvard law graduate. Mr. Eugene Lee, took patience and time, and although it took a while for my case to concluded. I am truly pleased with the outcome. Thank you again and God bless your firm.

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I had a very good experience with California Labor & Employment Law. My attorney was very knowledgeable about laws, was courteous, but was also ferocious when dealing with my ex-employer. I highly reccomend Mr. Eugene Lee to represent you in your case.

5on Google,Jan 29, 2019


My lawyer Eugene Lee is THE BEST! I was worried about my case, he reassured me that he does this all time, and he has yet to lose. The time it took from beginning to end was about 2 years, and he kept me informed throughout the process. He was always giving me bits of information, and standing up for me. He got me unemployment while my case was pending. He is always available, I never hesitated to call, text, or email, and would always receive a reply. A real stand up guy, trustworthy, family man. I like the fact that he explained every step along the way, and answered any questions that I had. Thank you so much Mr. Lee for your time, research, and the fact that you cared.

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Great lawyer really knows his stuff great working with you .

5on Google,Dec 29, 2018

Ashley Van

If your ever in need of legal help with the labor board claim, attornery Eugene Lee is the one to call. From the first phone call, I dealt with Eugene, he was very knowledgeable of the labor laws and ability to process of filing a claim with the labor board. He did all the paperwork and legwork, attended the conference on the phone and guided me through the whole process even when I felt like walking out because of the nerves facing your old bosses. All in, I highly recommended Eugene Lee. He is just a phone call away!

5on Avvo,Dec 20, 2018


Always prompt when responding back. Very professional and shows that he cares and his clients. Thank you Mr. Eugene Lee for providing prompt and great services. I recommend him to everyone.

5on Google,Nov 03, 2018


Very helpful, communication is top notch and he genuinely worked very hard on my behalf. He explained everything to me very clearly and concisely that I always knew what was going on every step of the way. He negotiated a deal with my previous employer and I feel like we came out with the win. I appreciate Mr. Lee and would not hesitate to recommend him.

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Mr. Lee was very helpful on my behalf, he always kept everything crystal clear and explained things thoroughly for me so I 100% understood every update he had for me. I followed his basic instructions and he did everything else for me. He handled all the technical jargon with my old employer and he negotiated a very fair deal. I'm happy with my experience with Mr. Eugene David Lee, his communication is very top notch and I would recommend him to anyone seeking a labor laws lawyer.

5on Avvo,Nov 02, 2018


I had a claim for wages and Eugene represented me. He came highly recommended and had the experience helping other dental employees. He had 100% of my interest in mind. Was easy to communicate with and got the job done to my satisfaction. I was so glad that he took my case. If you have a wage claim Lee is the definitely who you want.