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US Supreme Court Says Class Actions Can Be Banned

Have you ever sat down and read the “fine print”? That long, boring document with tiny print that falls out of the box of whatever you just bought? Me neither. But maybe we all should from now on. In AT&T Mobility LLC v. Concepcion et ux., AT&T had charged consumers $30.22 for phones that they…

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Support the Arbitration Fairness Act Now!

Are you a consumer? An employee? A credit card user? Then you need to know about the Arbitration Fairness Act of 2009. We’ve already explained a number of times why arbitration is awful for people like you. Is it any surprise, then, that credit card agreements, employment

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Proof That Arbitration Is Bad for Employees

A little while back, I had posted about arbitration and whether or not it is good or bad for employees to resolve their claims against their employers or co-workers. Arbitration is the resolution of legal disputes normally handled through lawsuits by instead hiring a private judge to rule on the dispute. My view has always…

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Is Arbitration Good or Bad for Employees?

Answer: Bad. This question is often debated among attorneys, judges and arbitrators. Judges like arbitration because they’re chronically overworked. For instance, the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California had the honor of being the second busiest federal district court in the entire country, with 11,585 civil

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